The King of Cats - A new VN announcement!

Hello, everyone!  Witching Metal here with a quick update about a side project I've started working on while taking a brief break from War of a Madman's Making.  (Don't worry, I'll be back to polishing WOAMM very shortly!)

I'm happy to announce The King of Cats, a short visual novel about man-eating tigers loose on a cargo ship.  This VN will feature a cast of predefined characters (sorry, no nameable MC this time) and a few different choices leading to different outcomes.  Your choices will affect who lives and who dies.

This will be a short VN mostly made up of stock assets and a few repurposed assets from WOAMM.  Nothing fancy going on here - I was just inspired to write something new!

I'm hoping to wrap this up in time for the Spooktober VN Jam, which gives me about 7 days to wrap up.  The hard part will be giving the VN decent enough visuals to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the other submissions.

Stay tuned for more info!

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