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This is A War of a Madman's Making: A combination of Visual Novel and text-based RPG about war planning and political survival, inspired by games like Suzerain and Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa.

War of a Madman's Making is set in a fictional world where nuclear escalation has blackened the skies. You are a citizen who has been mysteriously called up to serve as Field Marshal of the Great Leader's army. Through a combination of resource management, political maneuvering, and strategic military planning, you must survive the impending war - and the purges and assassinations that will come along with it.

You have the freedom to be ruthless in your methods, but doing so too freely could have consequences - particularly if you face a tribunal for crimes against humanity. However, mismanage your resources pursuing nobler causes, and you'll find a similar fate at the hands of your beloved Great Leader.

Do your best to reign in the disaster, protect your family, and survive!


  • Resource management. Maintain a military budget, popularity with the Leader's cabinet, and favor with the Great Leader himself.
  • Choose your allies and enemies. Scheme amongst the Leader's staff or even against the Leader himself.
  • Hidden points system that tracks your complicity in crimes against humanity.
  • Retro-style soundtrack by Borealis (Shirli Ainsworth) full of tense overtures and bombastic battle themes.
  • An encyclopaedia filled with lore and character details - including nuggets that an astute player will find useful.

Join the Discord to follow updates and play the Early Access beta build!  https://discord.gg/XxYtYqYVwx

Note: This is a free, early-access Beta build that includes all the latest progress!  Feel free to drop any feedback, positive or negative, in the comments or in our Discord.

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