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You are a citizen who has been mysteriously called up to serve as Field Marshal of the Great Leader's army.

Through a combination of resource management, political maneuvering, and strategic military planning, you must survive the impending war - and the purges and assassinations that will come along with it.

You have the freedom to be ruthless in your methods, but doing so too freely could have consequences - particularly if you face a tribunal for crimes against humanity. However, mismanage your resources pursuing nobler causes, and you'll find a similar fate at the hands of your beloved Great Leader.

Rein in the disaster, protect your family, and survive!


  • ~70k word story with 5 major endings.
  • Resource management. Maintain a military budget, popularity with the Leader's cabinet, and favor with the Great Leader himself.
  • Choose your allies and enemies. Scheme amongst the Leader's staff or even against the Leader himself.
  • Manipulate your reports when you must give bad news to the Great Leader, but be careful not to push your luck.
  • Retro-style soundtrack by Borealis (Shirli Ainsworth) full of tense overtures and bombastic battle themes.
  • An encyclopaedia filled with lore and character details - including nuggets that an astute player will find useful.

Join the Discord and drop your feedback about the game!  https://discord.gg/XxYtYqYVwx

Content warning: This game features descriptions of war, death, gun violence, and drug/alcohol abuse.  There are no graphic images in this game. 


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A War of a Madman's Making (v 0.5 Beta) 134 MB

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I'm enjoying the ride so far, even though I got killed due to 


my own inability to commit lol. My MC was a poor second class citizen, who didn't drink at all (I found it amusing how MC could refuse and still have to drink, gave me a chuckle every time) I leaned more towards Harald, but in the end I was too non-aligned, so I was killed lol And even when I threw my lot in with Harald, killed Chorsa, and tried to overthrow the government, I still died oof To be honest I don't know how this ends well for the MC--even if he manages to survive, he'll be shredded mentally, and maybe even physically if the Dengizichens get their hands on him :p

The game was pretty enjoyable to play!! I like the writing, and the level of suspense. I brought my younger daughter Yamie to the ball, and almost had a heart attack when she spoke up. I'm loving the characters so far; Harald the drunk, Jor the weasel and Valen the slimeball, but especially Artur Madrisky! He and the MC ended up being friends, and I never threw him under the bus once. I would love to see some Artur-specific endings!!

The colored names provided a nice pop of color. I always love some color-coding, but in the case of this art style, I don't know how it would work, cause everything has that yellowed out filter over it, like the radiation settling into the land.

But at any rate, I look forward to the full version and to not dying by the big boss man's hands XDDD

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Looks interesting. Do you think you'll ever have a Mac build?

Hi, if you're familiar with Ren'Py engine I can send you the files you need to create a Mac build.  Unfortunately I don't have access to a Mac machine, so I can't do it myself!

Let me know and I'll gladly send over the files and some instructions if needed.

I absolutely love this game! I've been play it for hours, the music, the characters, the lore, the nationalities, everything about it I love. Thank you for making such an amazing game. I really love the art style and general atmosphere of the game. This game is very unique and special. This is by far the best visual novel I have ever played. And I've played many mind you, most of the ones on this website. 

My only game play feedback would be if we could please have an ending with Artur, on my third play through, my guy was Helthien and Artur spoke with him in Helthien, unlocking dialogue I beforehand hadn't encountered, which I thought was very cool and wholesome, since I myself speak another language that people in my country rarely do. I felt connected with the characters. 

Ironically on this play through I got a good ending and escaped to Jeroma. 

Thank you so much for this kind review!  It means a lot to me that you enjoyed the game so much.

Progress has been slow, but I'm working on an update which will expand and add new endings, so I can definitely look into adding an extra ending that includes Artur more heavily!  Especially if the player picked Helthien, since I agree that's a great opportunity for an alternate or "hidden" ending if you play your cards right.

Thanks again for your feedback and stay tuned for more updates!


Has a really good atmosphere also loved the mechanics 


Can we have an affair with Artur plssss

It's not working for Mac (at least for me). It results in a folder that has the game inside of it except the game won't launch

Thanks for the heads up!  I'll look into this and let you know once I've resolved the issue.

Hello!  I've uploaded a new Mac version of the latest build.  Please let me know if you have any issues running it!